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"It's every citizen's duty to challenge their leaders, to keep them honest, and hold them accountable if they're not."
―Ahsoka Tano[src]

Ahsoka Tano, nicknamed "Snips" by her Master and known as "Ashla" after the Clone Wars, was a Jedi Padawan who, after the conflict, helped establish a network of various rebel cells against the Galactic Empire. A Togruta female, Tano was discovered on her homeworld of Shili by Jedi Master Plo Koon, who brought her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to receive Jedi training. Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Jedi Grand Master Yoda assigned the young Tano to be the Padawan learner of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, whom she joined at the Battle of Christophsis. Whereas Tano was eager to prove herself, Skywalker had a reputation for recklessness, and they had a rather difficult start as Master and apprentice. Yet, they worked together to rescue Rotta, the son of crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, and returned Rotta to his father, thus facilitating a crucial alliance between the Hutt Clan and the Galactic Republic.

As a commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, Tano found a mentor in Clone Captain Rex of the 501st Legion, with whom she and Skywalker collaborated to lead frontline campaigns against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In her first command position at the Battle of Ryloth, Tano disobeyed orders and lost her entire squadron of pilots, but she managed to rebound and helped secure a victory at Ryloth. Her assignments pitted her against a variety of opponents, from General Grievous and Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress to such bounty hunters as Cad Bane and Aurra Sing. Over time, she matured into a respected leader, contributing to key Republic victories like the Second Battle of Geonosis and the Battle of Mon Cala. She even died during a series of events on Mortis, but the Force wielder known as the Daughter sacrificed herself to bring Tano back to life.

Tano gained much experience on and beyond the war front, leading a group of Jedi younglings to revolt against their Trandoshan captors, helping rescue a colony of Togruta from enslavement by the Zygerrian Slave Empire, and serving as an advisor to the Onderon rebels—with her close friend, Lux Bonteri, among them—as they liberated their world from the Confederacy. In a stark turn of events, Tano was framed for the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar and other homicides, and she escaped into the Coruscant underworld to clear her name. Though she formed an unlikely alliance with Asajj Ventress, she was detained by Republic forces and was consequently barred from the Jedi Order. Ultimately, Skywalker uncovered the true culprit, Tano's friend and fellow Padawan Barriss Offee, and prevented his former apprentice from being convicted of sedition. Nevertheless, the ordeal dislodged Tano's faith in the Jedi. She refused the Jedi Council's offer to rejoin the Order, instead departing in search of a new path.

As the Galactic Empire came to power, Tano became an integral figure in a network of rebel cells that she assembled alongside Senator Bail Organa. Under the codename "Fulcrum", she provided intelligence to various insurgent factions, including one cell based on Lothal that was led by Hera Syndulla. Tano took a particular interest in Syndulla's rebels because one of their members, a former Jedi named Kanan Jarrus, had begun to train his own Padawan, Ezra Bridger. In addition, Tano's efforts against the Empire brought her into contact with Skywalker, who by then had become the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, as well as the Imperial Inquisitors known as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister.


Early life

"It was Master Plo Koon who found me and brought me to the Temple where I belonged…"
―Ahsoka Tano, to Anakin Skywalker — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]
Plo discovers Ahsoka

Plo Koon discovering a three-year-old Ahsoka Tano.

Thirty-three years before the Battle of Yavin,[2] Ahsoka Tano was discovered by Jedi Master Plo Koon among her people on the planet Shili[1] at the age of three and accepted into the Jedi Order.[2] Around this time, she was nearly enslaved by an impostor who intercepted the signal to the Jedi Order and who hoped to put her powers to use for their own ends. However, this scheme was thwarted, and Tano began her life as a Jedi.[10] Like all Jedi of her era, she was then raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.[11]

The Clone Wars

"I'm the new Padawan learner. I'm Ahsoka Tano."
―Ahsoka Tano introduces herself — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

By the age of fourteen,[2] Tano was assigned to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker—and would learn the ways of the Force as his apprentice—by Grand Master Yoda.[7] Having been granted the rank of Padawan,[2] she demonstrated an eagerness to prove herself worthy to be his apprentice. Yoda did this to alleviate Skywalker's fear and inability to lose loved ones, as he believed that by becoming a teacher, Skywalker would develop emotionally and understand that his excessive bonding to those he cared about was unnecessary once Tano would be ready to go off on her own. However, her future choice to leave the Order would further make Skywalker drift towards the dark side.[12]

Battle of Christophsis

"You're reckless, little one. You never would have made it as Obi-Wan's Padawan… but you might make it as mine."
―Anakin Skywalker to Ahsoka Tano, following the Battle of Christophsis — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]
R2-D2 Anakin and Obi-Wan meet Ahsoka

Ahsoka introduces herself to her new master and his former master during Battle of Christophsis.

The Jedi Council finally sent Tano on her first mission to Christophsis in order to aid the Republic forces and finally meet her new master, as well as pass on a message that masters Kenobi and Skywalker were needed on back at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. She arrived on the planet moments after the first wave of Separatist forces pulled back. After giving her message to Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Skywalker, Kenobi introduced himself, presuming that she was his new Padawan learner. She corrected Kenobi, insisting that Master Yoda specifically assigned her to Skwalker.[7]

Meanwhile, the droid army set up a deflector shield that would block the artillery bombardment that earlier blocked their advancement. Skywalker and Ahsoka eventually set out a plan to infiltrate the enemy lines while Kenobi and his forced held off the enemy forces as long as they could. The two Jedi hid inside a box while the droid tanks moved around them. As they made their way to the source of the shield, Ahsoka tripped on a sensor antenna, accidentally activating a batch of retail droids. While Skywalker was occupied by the droids, Tano began to place charges around the generator. As she was planting charges, a battle droid sneaked up behind her, however Ahsoka noticed it and sliced it in half. The battle droid's body rolled over more sensors and activated additional retail droids. With her master pinned down by the horde, Ahsoka noticed a piece of wall behind him with a convenient hole just right where Skywalker was positioned. She used the Force to push the wall down, crushing the droids around her master.

Meanwhile back in the city, Kenobi was captured by the Separatist General Whorm Loathsom. Planning to stall for time, Kenobi suggested that the two should sit down and discuss about Kenobi's surrender and the two sat down to drink tea. However, the general quickly got tired of this and saw through Kenobi's plan. Loathsom ordered Kenobi's forces to surrender, just as the shield blew up and Kenobi was able to take the Separatist general as hostage. The major battle on the planet had been victory for the Republic.

When the battle was over, Skywalker noted how reckless his new Padawan was. As Ahsoka and Skywalker found themselves settled, Yoda wondered if having a Padawan would calm Skywalker's wild ways.

Battle of Teth and rescuing Jabba's son

Ahsoka and stinky

Ahsoka and Rotta the Huttlet during the Battle of Teth.

"But the hard bit's over, right? I mean, we just crawled up a cliff under fire and wiped out a battalion of droids or something."
"'Fraid not, littl'un, The hard bit isn't over until we put our boots down on Republic soil again, preferably with one Huttlet on board.
―Tano and Captain Rex[src]

After the Battle of Christophsis, Skywalker and his new apprentice were dispatched to find and rescue Jabba the Hutt's missing son Rotta, who was captured by Separatist forces and brought to planet Teth. The importance of succeeding in rescuing Rotta was critical that would ensure trade and shipping routs for the Republic through Hutt Space in the Outer Rim Territories.

Once on Teth, it became clear that it was impossible to land at the B'omarr Monastery which forced the Republic forces to land below the monastery and climb the mountain with AT-TE walkers where the building was located. The climb proved to be a challenge but the jedi and clones eventually made their way on top of the mountain.

After securing the outer perimeter, they discovered a protocol droid caretaker called 4A-7 who revealed the location of the captured Hutt. Skywalker and Ahsoka went to look for him and had to go through few droids but eventually found the cell where the Hutt was located. Against all odds, Rotta turned out to be just a baby. Meanwhile 4A-7 recorded the Jedi's speech who was revealed to be the Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress' servant. Ventress transmitted the recording to her master Count Dooku, who gave the "evidence" to Jabba that the Jedi were the ones behind the kidnapping. Dooku assured that he would sent his army to "rescue" Jabba's son.

With the incoming droid army on their way and the little Huttlet sick, the Jedi had to look for another way out to bring the kidnapped Hutt back to Tatooine. On their way out, Ventress had arrived and eventually located the two and engaged them in battle. After a brief duel, they managed go escape on a Can-cell to a nearby hangar where a ship was landed on, followed by their astromech droid R2-D2. Once on the other platform, they encountered 4A-7 once again. However, it soon became obvious the droid was a spy when three battle droids came out of the ship. The Jedi destroyed the droids and hijacked the ship.

While on the escape, Master Kenobi and Republic reinforcements had arrived with Kenobi engaging in a duel with Ventress. Now on the ship, Skywalker and Ahsoka attempted to land on a Republic Star Destroyer, but the cruiser's hangar was destroyed, forcing the jedi to make their way to Tatooine on their own. As the two jumped into hyperspace, Ventress and Kenobi sensed their withdraw. Kenobi, knowing that Ventress had failed her mission and that her Master wouldn't be pleased by that, managed to gain the upper hand over Ventress until she boarded a Vulture droid just in time before capture.

Back with Skywalker and Ahsoka, they managed to find medicine for the Hutt which saved his life as they made their way back to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine.

Continuation of the war

During the next two years,[6] Tano and her master achieved many things during the war including stopping the Blue Shadow Virus,[13] freeing Togruta slaves,[14] saving her Master and many others on multiple occasions, and even halting a plot masterminded by Darth Sidious himself. She also engaged some of most deadly people in the galaxy, most notably Asajj Ventress, General Grievous, and Cad Bane several times, always surviving without any serious injury. Tano had a brief brush with the dark side on Mortis after being infected with it by the Son and even died, but was resurrected by the Daughter.[4] Tano formed close bonds with many members of the Order, which included Plo Koon, Barriss Offee and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as people outside the Order such as Padmé Amidala and Lux Bonteri, to whom she developed a romantic attraction.

Bombing at the Jedi Temple

Towards the end of the war, when Tano was at the age of 16,[6] her friend Barriss Offee,[15] who believed the Jedi Order had become evil, corrupt and overly belligerent during the war, secretly orchestrated the bombing of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, killed the bomber, Letta Turmond, and caused the deaths of clone troopers while framing Tano for these crimes.[16] While running away from Republic authorities and Skywalker, who still believed her to be innocent, Tano met her longtime nemesis Asajj Ventress and briefly allied with her, since both were on the run from their masters. Tano was led by Offee, the only Jedi whom she still saw as an ally, into a trap at an abandoned Coruscant warehouse in Coruscant's undercity, where she was captured by Skywalker's forces.[17] The Jedi Council then expelled Tano from the Jedi Order and turned her over to the Republic for trial, where she was prosecuted by Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin. Tano came very close to a conviction and death sentence, but due to the tireless efforts of her master, she was acquitted at the last moment by the forced confession of a captured Offee.[15]

A new path

"I'm sorry, Master, but I'm not coming back."
―Ahsoka Tano, to Anakin Skywalker[src]

Following her trial, Tano was personally pardoned by the Jedi Council. Plo Koon apologized to her on the Council's behalf, stating they had been wrong to question her loyalty. The Council also stated that the Force worked in mysterious ways and therefore considered her ordeal in hindsight as being her great trial, having proven herself worthy of the title of Jedi Knight.[15] However, the events surrounding her expulsion and trial had severely shaken Tano's faith in the Jedi.[1] As a result, she refused to accept their invitation to rejoin the Order, and left to discover a new purpose for herself.[18]

Ahsoka leaves

Ahsoka Tano walks away from the Jedi Order.

Tano's departure from the Jedi Order had a deep impact on those she knew. During a quest to discover the secrets of immortality, Yoda was faced with visions of the Jedi Purge. In one such vision, he saw Tano dying in the halls of the Jedi Temple, with the vision of her asking if she could become one with the Force after being expelled from the Jedi Order.[19] The vision of Tano was a result of Yoda's guilt over having placed her on the path that led to her departure.[20]

Her former mentor Skywalker was particularly affected by her departure and felt even more alone in having to fulfill the expectations of being the prophesied Chosen One.[1] While on a mission with Kenobi, Skywalker confided that he was still struggling to come to terms with her absence, and believed that her place was with the Jedi. At one point Skywalker criticized the Council, claiming that they turned their backs on Tano and left her with no choice. However, Kenobi asserted that it had been Tano's decision to leave, and that part of the Jedi way was not allowing emotion to influence one's judgment.[21]

The last meeting with her former master

In the last weeks of the Clone Wars, approximately a year after she left, Tano discovered the whereabouts of the former Sith Lord Maul, who had taken over Mandalore and gained leadership of Death Watch. Shortly before establishing a siege to Mandalore, Skywalker and Kenobi were called back to Coruscant to save Chancellor Palpatine, who had been abducted by General Grievous.[22] Unable to use the help of her former masters, Tano was given the possession of her old lightsabers, and the command of an army of clone troopers led by Rex. Unbeknownst to Tano, this would be the last time she would ever see Skywalker as a friend.[10]

Fighting Maul

Tano and her allies then led siege to Mandalore. After engaging in a lightsaber duel with the former Sith, Tano managed to lure Maul into a plaza where her comrades trapped him in a ray shield.[10]

Fall of the Jedi

However, all the efforts of Tano and her allies were undone when Chancellor Palpatine, who was actually the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, enacted Order 66, a devastating command that turned the clones against the Jedi and wiped out most of them, including Tano's former mentor Plo Koon. As a result, the clone troopers under Tano's command turned on her, with the exception of Rex, who had previously removed his inhibitor chip, an organic brain implant that compelled each clone trooper to comply with Order 66. As a result, Maul escaped once again, but Tano and Rex were able to escape as well, after faking their own deaths.[10]

Meanwhile, Tano's former master Anakin Skywalker had fallen to the dark side[23] and became the fearsome[24] Sith Lord Darth Vader. During the last days of the Clone Wars, Darth Sidious used Skywalker's frustration with the Jedi Council, as well as his fear of losing his wife in childbirth, to lure him to the dark side.[23]

Age of the Empire

Life on Thabeska

After fleeing Mandalore, Tano went into the Outer Rim in order to hide from the Empire. She traveled to Thabeska, which was a planet in control of the Fardi clan, a powerful family of smugglers who hid their operations from the Imperials by also running several legal businesses to cover the illegal ones. Upon arriving on Thabeska, Tano was greeted by several young girls who showed her where she could find food and a place to stay, and introduced her to Fardi, who bought her ship for a less than reasonable price. She later discovered that these girls were Fardi's daughters and nieces, and that Fardi was their family name. The girls had taken her under their wing, and Tano secured herself a place working for Fardi once the girls learned that she was a good mechanic. Under the assumed name Ashla, Tano worked for the Fardi family for several months, earning some money while she continued to grieve the loss of the Republic, clones, and the Jedi Order.[10]

Two months before Empire Day, the first anniversary of Emperor Palpatine's rise to power, Tano was working on some droids in the shipyard on Thabeska, when she noticed some of the Fardi children playing with some crates. When one of the crates began to fall on the children, Tano used the Force to keep the crates from hitting them. Tano had kept her Jedi powers a secret since leaving Mandalore, and feared that she had revealed herself to the children. She reminded them that they should not have been playing near the crates, and they begged her not to tell Fardi, ignoring the supernatural incident they had just witnessed. Only young Hedala Fardi looked at Tano with fascination, and Tano later discovered Hedala lifting some small stones using the Force, revealing herself to be Force-sensitive.[10]

On Empire Day, Tano was informed by the Fardi girls that their father was having important Imperial guests over for dinner and that they wanted to meet anyone who was new to the planet. The girls offered for Tano to come and sit with them at the Empire Day parade and flyby, and told her about how security was a disaster due to the high amount of ships in the shipyard. Ahsoka took this invitation as a subtle warning and opportunity to escape the planet, and Tano used this opportunity to her advantage. She gathered the belongings she had and escaped the city, stealing one of Fardi's ships and leaving the planet. Once in orbit, Tano remembered Hedala Fardi and the danger that she was in, being a force-sensitive child who would likely be sought out by the Empire, but Tano knew that she was too late, so she left. [10]

A New Life on Raada

Tano found herself on the moon of Raada. Under the alias of Ashla, Tano befriended Kaeden Larte and made a life for herself in the farming community. Unfortunately, Imperial forces under Jenneth Pilar soon targeted the moon for their own purposes, leading to an Imperial occupation. Tano and her new friends set about forming a resistance movement, but some of the farmers took too aggressive of a stance and ended up in a battle with the Imperials. As a result, Tano was forced to employ her Force powers during a confrontation, which alerted an Inquisitor called the Sixth Brother to her presence on Raada.[10]


Tano crafted a pair of white lightsabers using crystals from an Inquisitor's dual blade.

Tano dueled the inquisitor, defeating him and causing his lightsaber to explode, unintentionally killing him in the process. She then took the kyber crystals from his lightsaber and used them to craft a pair of white lightsabers. With the assistance of Senator Bail Organa, Tano evacuated the citizens of Raada, and the two began organizing a formal rebellion against the Empire.[10]

Undercover messenger

"Ahsoka. My name is Ahsoka Tano."
―Ahsoka Tano introduces herself to the Spectres[src]
Hera Fulcrum Hologram

Ahsoka, as "Fulcrum," speaking to rebel Hera via hologram, urging her to bring her cell into hiding.

Fourteen years after the rise of the Galactic Empire, Tano was part of a rebel movement against Imperial rule. Now 31 years old,[2] she worked with Senator Organa of Alderaan and Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila and took on the codename "Fulcrum," which she used to communicate with rebel cells across the galaxy. One of these cells was the crew of the Ghost, which operated on and around the Outer Rim world of Lothal. She spoke only with Hera Syndulla, the owner and pilot of the Ghost, and identified herself only by her codename. As Fulcrum, Tano provided the Ghost rebels with intelligence for missions in order to hit Imperial forces or interests, and those missions were part of a larger plan that the rebels were part of—one that, amongst the rebels, only Syndulla knew. Tano's intelligence was generally accurate, but sometimes only partially so. One mission that Syndulla, along with Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren, went on was an attack on an Imperial convoy. The intelligence that Fulcrum provided was correct about the route and timing of the convoy, but underestimated the Imperial defenses. As a result, the Phantom—the shuttle used by the rebels—sustained minor damage while outrunning a squadron of TIE fighters.[25]

Shortly thereafter, Syndulla—along with Wren, who insisted on knowing more about Fulcrum and the missions the rebels were being sent on—traveled to Fort Anaxes, an asteroid base used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, in order to pick up supplies from Tano. Tano contacted Syndulla while she en route and informed Syndulla that the supplies were unloaded and ready for pickup. Wren, eager to know more about the individual giving them their intelligence, suggested that "Fulcrum" wait for them at the rendezvous, prompting Tano to wonder if something was wrong. Syndulla convinced Tano, however, that Wren was just there to help with the mission. Nonetheless, Wren felt untrusted and wanted to know why the rebel missions were becoming so dangerous, but Syndulla assured her that the less she knew, the safer she would be if captured by the Empire. Once they arrived on Fort Anaxes, Tano was already gone.[25]

Sometime later, the rebels rescued Tseebo, a Rodian in the Imperial Information Office whose AJ^6 cyborg construct headpiece contained vital Imperial information, including a five-year plan for the entire Outer Rim.[26] After fleeing Lothal, the Ghost rendezvoused with Tano's vessel. Syndulla turned Tseebo over to Tano, who would be able to analyze the information contained within Tseebo's headpiece.[27]

Ahsoka Tano revealed as Fulcrum

Ahsoka introducing herself to the Spectres cell.

After the capture of Kanan Jarrus, the leader of the Lothal cell, by the Empire, and the Ghost crew's subsequent transmission of messages intended to inspire the public, Tano contacted Syndulla and dissuaded her from attempting to rescue Jarrus. After reminding her that Jarrus understood the risks he took, and that Bridger—the crew's remaining Jedi—was too important to be risked, Tano informed her that their message had reached beyond Lothal and had attracted attention from the top ranks of the Empire. Tano urged Syndulla to take her crew into hiding to avoid further jeopardizing their mission. The crew ignored Tano's warning and set out on a mission to rescue their captive leader.[28]

The rebels soon learned that Jarrus was being held on the Sovereign, the personal Star Destroyer of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, in orbit of Mustafar. The crew set out to rescue him and succeeded, but were overwhelmed by Imperial forces. The crew's astromech droid, C1-10P, contacted "Fulcrum" and requested reinforcements. Tano and a fleet of rebel ships arrived at Mustafar and helped the crew of the Ghost escape. When the rebels were safe and away from Mustafar, Tano revealed her identity and told them that they were part of a wider rebel movement.[8]

The Siege of Lothal

After the crew of the Ghost joined the Phoenix Squadron, Ahsoka Tano acted as a mentor and adviser to the newer rebels. She had a particular affinity with Kanan and his apprentice Ezra Bridger, fellow Jedi who were resisting the Empire. During the Imperial Siege of Lothal, Ahsoka along with Hera, Kanan, and the Phoenix Commander Jun Sato sanctioned a mission to rescue the Imperial Minister Maketh Tua, who wanted to defect from the Empire. The crew of the Ghost returned to Lothal but stumbled into a trap set by Darth Vader, Ahsoka's former mentor and friend.[9]

Maketh Tua contacts the rebels

Maketh Tua, a defector of the Empire asks the Rebellion for their help.

With much difficulty, the crew of the Ghost managed to escape Lothal in a shuttle. However, Vader had planted a tracking device on that shuttle which allowed him to track down the Phoenix rebel fleet. When Vader attacked the rebel fleet with his TIE Advance starfighter, Tano joined the crew of the Ghost aboard their ship. During the battle, Tano and Jarrus used the Force to probe the mysterious TIE pilot only to learn that he was none other than Anakin. Vader also sensed her presence and Tano collapsed unconscious in shock.[9]

After escaping Vader, Tano questioned Jarrus and Bridger about their earlier confrontation with Darth Vader on Lothal. Jarrus recalled that he had not sensed a presence as evil as Vader since the Clone Wars. When Bridger asked Tano about the identity of the Sith Lord, Tano feigned ignorance of his identity. However, she told them that she knew that Vader would be coming for the rebels again in an effort to destroy them. Whether they chose to fight Vader and the others who would try to destroy them, the Ghost crew told her that they would fight them together. She also told them that she had to depart "to answer questions that need answering."[9]

Reuniting with Rex

"Commander. You got old."
"Had to happen sometime, Rex.
―Ahsoka Tano reunites with Rex[src]
Ahsoka embraces Rex

Tano embraces Rex after years of being apart.

Following the destruction of the Phoenix flagship Phoenix Home, the Phoenix rebels were on the run. When the rebels discussed their next move, Tano suggested that the crew of the Ghost seek out an old friend: the former Clone Captain Rex. For their mission, she gave Sabine Wren and the crew of the Ghost the head of an old tactical droid and sent them to the desert planet of Seelos. Prior to departing, she told Jarrus to trust her friend.[29] After some difficulty, the crew of the Ghost managed to win over Rex, who supplied them with a datacard containing a list of Republic installations in the Outer Rim and Mandalore. After fighting off an Imperial assault, Rex agreed to join the Rebellion. After returning from Seelos, Tano reunited with her old friend, who commented that she had grown old. Tano responded by saying that it "had to happen sometime."[30]

Learning about the Inquisitorius

With Rex's datacard, the Phoenix rebels gained access to a list of abandoned Republic bases and installations. During a salvaging mission to an abandoned Republic medical station, the crew of the Ghost encountered two more Inquisitors—the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. These Inquisitors were aware about the existence of Tano and attempted to force Bridger and Wren to divulge all information they knew about her. However, these rebels escaped with the help of Garazeb Orrelios.[31]

Rescuing Infants

"I know why you want the children!"
"Well, who doesn't want to be a mother?
―Ahsoka Tano speaks with the Seventh Sister whilst dueling both her and the Fifth Brother[src]

While monitoring transmissions from Mustafar, Tano discovered that the Empire's Inquisitors had a secondary mission which involved kidnapping Force-sensitive children. Traveling to the planet Garel, she related her discovery to Kanan Jarrus. Tano had also managed to decode two coordinates. While she'd investigate the first set of coordinates, she sent Kanan to investigate the second set. Kanan accepted the mission and was accompanied by Ezra, Zeb, and the astromech droid, Chopper. The first set of coordinates led Tano to the planet Chandel, where she encountered a derelict passenger ship. She quickly encountered an elderly woman named Darja, who revealed that the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother had abducted her grandchild, Alora. Tano comforted the grandmother and promised to find her grandchild.[32]

Ahsoka vs the Seventh Sister

Ahsoka deactivates the Seventh Sisters's lightsaber during their duel.

Meanwhile, Kanan and his fellow rebels traced the second set of coordinates to a flat in Hammertown, a settlement on the planet Takobo. After rescuing Alora and an Ithorian infant named Pypey, the rebels ran into trouble with the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother. Following a protracted pursuit and confrontation, the rebels were bested by the Inquisitors outside the spaceport where they had parked their ship, the Phantom. However, not before long, Tano arrived and engaged the two Inquisitors in a lightsaber duel. Through her mastery of the Force and lightsaber skills, Tano easily defeated the two Inquisitors. Before she could capture them, however, she was surrounded by Imperial reinforcements. Tano managed to escape Takabo with Jarrus and his rebels, who fled aboard the Phantom. As the Rebels departed from Takobo, Tano recalled that a similar attempt had been made by a Sith Lord to abduct children during the Clone Wars. In the past, the Jedi had protected them, but since they were now eradicated, the Rebellion was now their only protection.[32]

Anakin's fate

"Ahsoka, why did you leave? Where were you when I needed you?"
"I made a choice. I couldn't stay."
"You were selfish."
"You abandoned me! You failed me! Do you know what I've become?"
"No. No!
―Ahsoka Tano, communicating with a vision of Anakin Skywalker through the Force[src]

After Jarrus and Bridger a were attacked by the Inquisitors on Oosalon, they realized their presence was endangering the rebellion's search for a base and met with Tano on the Ghost to discuss a plan of action. While waiting for them, she viewed a holocron of Skywalker giving a demonstration in lightsaber combat, which Ezra also watched when he arrived. Remarking on his skills, he asked her what happened to Skywalker. Hesitant, she claimed to have seen him once more when he was sent to rescue Chancellor Palpatine, but did not know what happened to him as the Jedi Purge unfolded. When Jarrus arrived expressing his concerns, she mentioned in difficult times she would have had asked Kenobi or Yoda for advice. Jarrus revealed that they had communed with Yoda in the Lothal Jedi Temple, and decided to return there in the Phantom.[22]

Vision of Darth Vader

Through a vision, Ahsoka accepts that her former master fell to the dark side.

Tano declined to raise the entrance to the temple, pointing out she was no longer a Jedi. Jarrus and Bridger raised the temple from the ground, discovering a new door below the one they had entered before. Inside, Tano, Bridger and Jarrus had their own separate visions. Tano was confronted by a vision of Skywalker, who expressed anger at her departure, calling her selfish and accusing her of abandoning him. He asked Tano if she knew what he had become. Lashing out with her lightsaber, she howled in agony as she finally accepted the fact that her master had become Darth Vader.[22]

The Inquisitors arrived, but the visions in the temple took the shape of a Jedi Temple Guard and distracted them, buying Tano and the Jedi time to escape. As she fled, Tano turned and saw Yoda on Dagobah, who waved at her. Smiling back, she turned and continued on her way back to the Phantom. On board, Bridger revealed he had spoken to Yoda and that he had been told to find Malachor. Tano explained that Malachor was not a person, as Ezra assumed, but a planet.[22]

Journey to Malachor

Stopping off on Atollon
"My experience, just when you think you understand the Force, you find out how little you actually know."
"I don't think I ever understood the Force to begin with."
―Ahsoka Tano, talking with Ezra Bridger about the Force[src]
Ahsoka finds Ezra

Ahsoka speaks with Ezra about the Force before heading off on their mission to Malachor.

After the rebellion set up a new base on planet Atollon, Tano traveled there to meet with Jarrus and Bridger, to join them on their quest to Malachor. Before leaving Atollon, Bridger told Tano about his predicament with the krykna and she explained that the Force became more mysterious as one learned more about it. Bridger then followed Tano back to the camp where they prepared to take off to Malachor.[33]

Arriving on Malachor
Ahsoka Kanan and Ezra arrive on Malachor

The trio land on Malachor.

On their way to Malachor, Rex contacted Tano and offered to join the crew on their mission to Malachor, as he would be there in just two rotations, but Tano declined his offer. After her talk with Rex, Tano moved to the cockpit of the Phantom. When Bridger asked Jarrus why Rex was so worried, Jarrus explained that before the Jedi Purge, the Jedi were told to never travel to Malachor, because of old legends about the planet. Tano remarked that legends always hold a bit of truth, after which Bridger wondered why Master Yoda would send the three to Malachor.[34]

The group eventually made it out of hyperspace and Tano explained that they were seeking knowledge that would help them defeat the Sith. Before they landed on the planet, Chopper picked up a ship on the planet, but couldn't recognize what type it was. Jarrus told him to trace it as someone was clearly after the same thing the three were after as well.[34]

Once on the surface, they landed on a site with strange looking obelisks. As they moved closer to one of them, they noticed that it was covered in an ancient dialogue that Tano could partially translate. As Tano began reading the phrases out loud, Bridger became hypnotized by them and touched the pillar, causing the surface below them to collapse and the three to fall underground. As they were recovering, they noticed that the place had a hidden, underground Sith Temple, which might have been the reason Master Yoda had sent them there.[34]

Jedi vs Eight Brother

The trio discover the Eighth Brother.

On closer inspection, they realized the place was a battlefield with some figures turned into stone. Bridger also found an old crossguard lightsaber. While discussing the events of the battle, they were attacked by the Eighth Brother who launched projectiles at them, breaking another layer of rock beneath them and causing Bridger to fall further down. Tano and Jarrus decided to pursue the Inquisitor, as Bridger tried to look for a way back up. In his search for a way up, Bridger met a seemingly old and frail man trapped just as he was himself.[34]

Back on the surface, Chopper had discovered the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced, while Tano and Jarrus pursued the Inquisitor. Jarrus had noticed that the Inquisitor was surprised to meet the Jedi here, which could mean that the Inquisitor was searching for something on Malachor, further backing up his theory that the Inquisitor was after something other than the Jedi. At the Inquisitor's TIE, Chopper managed to hijack the ship and use it against the Inquisitor, helping Tano and Jarrus capture him. The Inquisitor revealed that he was hunting "a shadow".[34]

When Bridger and his companion, who had revealed himself to be named Maul, managed to claim a Sith Holocron which they had located beneath the temple, the whole structure went into "stand-by" mode with lights activating around it. This distracted Tano and Jarrus, which allowed the Inquisitor to secretly call for backup. They made their way to the temple, where they encountered the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother. The two Inquisitors freed the Eighth Brother and a fight broke out between the Inquisitors and the two Jedi. Maul and Bridger soon found Tano and Jarrus, and Maul activated his double-bladed lightsaber, taking on the three Inquisitors single-handedly and forcing them to retreat.[34]

Tano asked Maul what "game he was playing", to which he responded, "the end game". Maul then said that the four had little time, as Vader himself was probably on his way to Malachor. The group slowly made their way to the top of the temple, but on their way, they met the Inquisitors again. Maul told Bridger to run to the top of the temple with the Sith Holocron, while Maul stayed back to help Tano and Jarrus against the Inquisitors. Maul was able to kill two of them with ease, while Jarrus indirectly finished off the last one. Not soon after, Maul revealed his true intentions to Tano and Jarrus, then lashed out at Jarrus, slashing him in the eyes and blinding him. Before Maul could deliver the killing blow, however, Tano intervened. The two fought briefly, but Tano realized time was running short and left Maul with Jarrus, who managed to throw Maul off the Temple.[34]

The fateful duel
"I won't leave you! Not this time."
"Then you will die!
―Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader[src]

As Tano made her way to the top of the temple, Vader had arrived and was about to kill Bridger, but was stopped by his former apprentice. Vader said he was expecting her and that the Emperor would show mercy if Tano revealed the locations of the remaining Jedi. Tano told him that there were no Jedi left and said that Skywalker could never be the one behind the mask. Vader told her he had destroyed his former self as he was weak, which Tano vowed to avenge. Vader remarked it was not the Jedi way, but as Tano revealed that she was no longer one, she engaged the Sith Lord in battle.[34]

Master versus the apprentice

Ahsoka fights her former master, once Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, now Sith Lord Darth Vader, in a lightsaber duel.

Not long after the beginning of the duel, Tano's strength began to fade as Vader was blowing powerful strikes at her. He then proceeded to Force push her off the temple and made his way back to the top of the temple. Tano, however, survived the fall and made her way back to the top. There, she ran towards Vader, who was pulling the holocron to himself, and she was able to knock Vader down, slashing off part of his mask.[34]

Tano reacted both sadly and horrified, as she saw part of Skywalker's face beneath the charred mask. She decided not to leave as she did 17 years ago, to which Vader coldly responded that she would die instead. The two engaged in combat once again, with the temple locking down and exploding into a burst of energy, allowing Bridger and Jarrus to escape. Although Vader managed to survive and leave the Temple, Tano's fate remained ambiguous.[34]

Following the mission, Bridger blamed himself for what had happened to Tano and Jarrus on Malachor for the next six months until Jarrus reaffirmed him that he did not blame Bridger for what happened.[35][36]

Personality and traits

Ahsoka Tano was a Togruta female who had blue eyes, dark orange skin, white facial markings, and white Lekku and montrals with blue stripes.[7] As a teenager, Tano was snarky, cocky, stubborn, reckless and impulsive, yet loyal, brave, generous and kind-hearted. She was very feisty and snippy, which earned her the nickname "Snips" from her master, Anakin Skywalker. Like her master, she was known to be very aggressive, eager for battle and willing to use terror or threats to get the answers she wanted.[7]

Over time, she became a more mature and enlightened person, her experiences during the Clone Wars shaping her. She had her victories, her failures, and her losses yet strove through them all, as she felt it was her duty as a Jedi to help restore peace and prosperity to the Republic. Her constant travels and experiences made her more worldly than most young people her age, and often she was surprised by the various events and people she came across during the Clone Wars.[15]

However, when Tano was framed for murder and treason, she was horrified when the Jedi Order cast her out and all but condemned her to a Republic military tribunal and came very close to being sentenced to death. When Skywalker unveiled the true culprit, Tano was shocked to see it was her friend Barriss Offee.[15] Though conflicted,[1] she ultimately rejected the opportunity to become a Jedi again, having lost faith in the Order[18] for not standing by her.[37]


Following her expulsion and trial, Tano lost faith in the Jedi Order.

Tano was a confident and moralistic person, and a firm defender of the innocent. This carried on even after she left the Order, as she joined Bail Organa's rebellion to restore liberty and democracy to the people oppressed by the Empire.[10]

During her time running from the Empire, Tano continued to suffer from grief over the loss of her friends and guilt over the fact that she wasn't there to help them. During her time on Raada, Tano was unsure about making new friends, largely due to the emotional pain inflicted by Offee's betrayal. Despite everything Offee had done, Tano believed that while she was wrong about "a lot of things," she did have a point about the Jedi and the Republic, and later expressed her belief that if had they truly listened to her, they might have been able to stop Darth Sidious before he took power.[10]

As a rebel Informant code-named "Fulcrum", Tano worked indirectly with various rebel cells, always with her face hidden and her voice disguised, and became somewhat pragmatic as she advised Hera Syndulla to cease searching for Jarrus to protect her crew, especially Ezra Bridger. This may suggest she developed a more discrete nature and decided overall to put the many before the few.[28]

However, her dealing in secret as Fulcrum appeared to have remained, as Tano told Jarrus and Bridger that she had no knowledge about the Sith Lord they encountered, and she herself was having trouble coming to terms with the horrific realization of what had become of her former Jedi Master.[9]

Those feelings recently made themselves apparent when she was refused to help open the Lothal Jedi Temple, stating she was no longer a Jedi for leaving the Order. While inside the temple, she was haunted by a phantom of her master, who angrily scolded Tano for leaving him to a fate worse than death. Tano, shedding tears and welling up with grief, lashed out at the illusion, and then wept when she saw no one there, but now realized her fears were true—her former master was a Sith Lord.[22]

Upon finally coming face-to-face with her former master once again, Tano refused to believe he and Vader were the same person, stating Skywalker "could never be as vile as Vader", to which Vader responding by claiming he had destroyed Skywalker. Tano then swore to avenge Skywalker's "death", something against her Jedi training and morals, but affirmed she was not a Jedi and proceeded to duel Vader, only to find that he was indeed her former friend and mentor. Still tortured by guilt, Tano offered Vader compassion, refusing to leave him behind again, only to be rebuffed. Despite Vader's cruelty and power, Tano bravely continued the fight.[34]

Powers and abilities

Lightsaber training

"I admit, Ahsoka's a little rough around the edges, but with a great deal of training… and patience… she might amount to something."
―Anakin Skywalker, on Tano — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Ahsoka Tano was very skilled in lightsaber combat for someone of her age. She made use of the unorthodox reverse grip during combat, however she would utilize the standard grip at the insistence of her master.[38] When she was made a Padawan by Yoda, she was already proficient in Form V and capable of doing so even in less than ideal positions.[7] Tano's combat skills were clearly quite considerable, as she was able to defeat three IG-100 MagnaGuards single handed[7] and at least temporarily hold her ground against the skilled assassin Asajj Ventress[39] and the Jedi hunter General Grievous.[40]


While an apprentice, Tano became a practitioner of Jar'Kai.

At some point during the Clone Wars, Tano began to learn Jar'Kai, wielding a yellowish-green bladed shoto with a hilt that matched with her original lightsaber. She still sometimes used only her main lightsaber, such as when she dueled Skywalker on Mortis before Kenobi arrived, but would use Jar'Kai when facing multiple opponents and was able to hold her own against both Skywalker and Kenobi on Mortis, even though both of her opponents were more experienced warriors than she was.[4][41] During her second encounter with Grievous, Tano showed that her skills had improved vastly as she was able to hold off all four of Grievous' lightsabers and survive for the second time, whereas previously she only lasted a short time when Grievous was only using two lightsabers.[42][40]

Whilst fleeing from clones after being framed for murder, Tano lost her second lightsaber and was forced to use only her main lightsaber to fight Barriss Offee. Her duel against Offee showed that she had become too reliant on her second lightsaber, something she had in common with Asajj Ventress, and though she did put up a considerable fight, Offee ultimately proved to be too powerful for her.[17]

16 years after her departure from the Jedi Order, Tano's skill in lightsaber combat had greatly improved to the point of mastery. During a skirmish at Hammertown, she was able to defeat two Imperial Inquisitors at once and even managed to deactivate the double-bladed lightsaber of the Seventh Sister with her bare hands.[32] During the mission to Malachor, Tano was also able to duel evenly with former Sith Lord Maul and hold her own reasonably well against her former master, Darth Vader.[32]

Force powers

"Because of Ahsoka's advanced abilities, I forgot how young she is."
―Anakin Skywalker[src]

Tano possessed a strong connection to the Force, and often performing Force-enhanced jumps and other acrobatic feats. Although Tano's Force powers required more training, she was capable of performing extensive telekinetic feats, as seen during the Battle of Christophsis where she pulled down a large wall in order to save Skywalker from a group of retail droids. In another instance, Tano was able to deliver a strong push at Ventress and flung her back far away, saving the life of Luminara Unduli.[39]

Tano also had a strong ability to sense things in the Force, able to feel the presence of Plo Koon after his fleet was destroyed by the Malevolence[43][43] and the presences of the children who were kidnapped by Cad Bane.[44] She also eventually learned how to perform mind tricks.[45][46] In addition, Tano's Force powers enabled her to leap to incredible heights. She used this to her advantage when leaping into the Phantom in order to escape two Inquisitors.[32]

Other abilities

"When I was out there, alone, all I had was your training and the lessons you taught me. And because of you, I did survive. And not only that, I was able to lead others to survive as well."
―Ahsoka Tano, to Anakin Skywalker[src]
In addition to her Force powers and lightsaber combat skills, Tano was also a talented pilot and also displayed potential as a skilled war strategist by leading an attack that penetrated a Separatist blockade on Ryloth.[47] Tano was also trained by her master to quickly analyze technical scans of enemy ships.[48]

Tano also displayed skill in hand to hand combat as she was able to easily overpower Cad Bane before dropping her guard and being incapacitated by the bounty hunter.[44] She later used her hand to hand combat skills on Mandalore by single handedly defeating a group of the Mandalorian Secret Service and later holding off several guards and subduing Prime Minister Almec despite being handcuffed at the time. However, on that occasion, she armed herself with one of the guards' shields, which she used to fend them off and defend herself from a stun gun.[45] While she was a prisoner of Trandoshan hunters, Tano was able to kill the hunters Dar, and his father, Garnac, by only using hand to hand combat and her Force powers.[49][50]

Tano also showed a considerable knowledge of mechanics which she had learned from her Master. She was able to use her mechanical skills to contact Skywalker and save her and Barriss Offee's lives when they were trapped under a destroyed droid factory on Geonosis. She also knew how to repair vehicles. While on Mortis, she repaired the shuttle that she, Kenobi and Skywalker had crashed on the planet.[51][52] Tano had the ability to understand Shyriiwook, as demonstrated by her translations for Chewbacca while captured on Wasskah.[50]

Behind the scenes

Ahsoka Tano was voiced by Ashley Eckstein in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and film,[7] as well as in the following Star Wars Rebels television series.[8]

Early in The Clone Wars' development, Ahsoka was named Ashla, a reference to an early name for the light side of the Force when George Lucas was developing Star Wars, and later canonized as the Lasat name of the Force.[53] Ashla is also the name of one Togruta Jedi youngling who appeared in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[54] The two characters, however, are otherwise unrelated.[55]

In an interview with the official Star Wars website, Rebels co-creator and executive producer Dave Filoni stated that Vader wouldn't want a memory of Tano, a relationship that he considered a failure, and that he would be angry with her in a twisted way.[56]

According to Pablo Hidalgo's internal chronology, where standard months are named "January" through "December", and standard years counted so that 0 BBY begins in "May 1977"[57], Ahsoka turned fifteen on "September 22, 1955", matching Ashley Eckstein's day and month of birth and placing Ahsoka's birth date about four months into 37 BBY[58].


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