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The Ahto High Court, also called the Selkath Court of Justice, controlled the ruling authority in Manaan. It consisted of twelve justices: five chief justices, five associate justices and two alternate justices. The Court was the central ruling body for the Ahto City Civil Authority, the government and defense organization that controlled and protected Ahto City and Manaan itself. They were the link between the Selkath people and the galaxy.

The Selkath Shelkar was the presiding chief justice by the time of the Jedi Civil War.

While the Court was convened to rule on matters pertaining to business on the Selkath homeworld, offworlders—and Jedi in particular—occasionally had the right to represent others as an Arbiter of the Court, or represent themselves before the High Court. One example was the amnesiac Revan, who in the course of his search for the Star Map of Manaan, found himself in the unique (if unenviable) position of both acting as an Arbiter for one Sunry, accused of murder, and then representing himself when he was accused of serious crimes against the Sith Enclave on that world.


The judges of the Ahto High Court in 3956 BBY were:


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