The Aida sector was located in the eastern portion of the Mid Rim. It was bordered clockwise from the galactic south by the Noolian, Maerdocian, and Daalang sectors, and by Lannik Space.[3] The sector contained the Aida system and the Lomabu system.[1]


During the Galactic Civil War, the Aida system was sparsely settled but solidly pro-Galactic Empire, with Io Desnand serving as its Imperial Governor. The Lomabu system, home to six planetary bodies, contained the homeworld of the Lomabuan sentient species. The Lomabuans were found to be seditious against the Empire, and the entire planet was depopulated. In 3 ABY, Governor Desnand set up a prison complex on Lomabu III and imprisoned hundred of Wookiees there. Desnand planned to lure members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic to the planet to rescue the Wookiees, at which point Desnand would spring a trap. His plans never came to fruition as the Wookiee bounty hunter Chenlambec freed the Wookiees and implicated Trandoshan hunter Bossk in pelt baiting.[2]


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