The Aiquin 4 system, also called simply the Aiquin system was a star system located within the Airam sector in the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy, and contained the planet Aiquin.


In the Aiquin 4 system, Airam Clan Leader Ilay repeatedly met with Imperial forces from Task Force Vengeance, namely the Imperial Star Destroyer Rage, for negotiations against the wishes of other Clan Leaders. The meetings came under attack at least twice, and during the last meeting, Rebel Alliance forces attacked her ship and kidnapped Ilay right under the nose of the Imperial forces.

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"Aiquin 4" is an unusual name for a system, but the mission briefings explicitly name it the "Aiquin 4 system". To denote the fourth planet of a system, Romanic number would have been used instead (i.e. Aiquin IV) but that was not the case in any mission title, briefing or star map throughout the game, where the system is consistently named "Aiquin 4". Despite that, The Essential Atlas lists the system as "Aiquin".



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