Gas prospectors searching for spin-sealed Tibanna gas in Bespin's atmosphere utilized unique, jury-rigged repulsorcraft to travel throughout the world. These airbarges were flimsy constructions, no two alike, made from discarded components of airspeeders, weather balloons, and cargo containers. They offered no protection against violent storms erupting on the gas giant.


Balloons filled with helium offered additional lift to the repulsor drive vents located underneath each craft's lightwright metal frame. Attached were gas storage spheres and sometimes other cargo containers. The pilot sat in a seat at the front, in a segment usually made from an airspeeder chassis. The craft was maneuvered via propeller engines, steering vanes, and sails.


Mining colonies utilized volunteers for generations to locate new pockets of Tibanna. Cloud City employed a legion of prospectors during the Galactic Civil War, who were always eager to exploit new finds before the major contractors moved in.