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Airspeeder classifications.

Airspeeders were repulsorlift vehicles common throughout the galaxy. They were distinguished from landspeeders by a higher operating altitude and normally higher top speed. Sometimes they were also equipped with boosters that enabled them to achieve low planetary orbit for a short time. They were not designed for orbital flight, though they could attain such high altitude that they pushed the boundaries of atmosphere and space.


Rebel Snowspeeder

A Rebel T-47 snowspeeder

Airspeeders were used for a wide variety of roles galaxy-wide. These included transportation, recreation, as well as offensive and defensive combat. The skies of many industrialized and/or urbanized planets, particularly Coruscant and other Core Worlds, were often clogged with airspeeders. This became such a problem for ecumenopoleis such as Coruscant and Taris that they were forced to adopt a series of rigidly controlled skylanes to which most civilian airspeeders were regulated. To fly beyond these lanes often required special dispensation from the government; this often required the pilot to demonstrate a degree of skill in handling his craft.

Standard government model airspeeders were equipped with a speed governor, an altitude limiter, and a pilot droid.[1]

Many notable companies produced airspeeders, including Incom Corporation, Tagge Company, and SoroSuub Corporation. Even the Yuuzhan Vong produced a type of combat airspeeder analog called the Tsik vai.

Famous airspeeder typesEdit

  • Another Incom design, the T-47 airspeeder, was one of the most popular civilian airspeeders. It was modified by the Alliance to Restore the Republic with weapons and tow cables for pulling cargo skiffs. Later, when the Alliance established Echo Base on Hoth, they were further modified to operate in sub-zero temperatures. These airspeeders became known as snowspeeders.
  • The Alliance frequently turned starfighters no longer suitable for space combat into customized combat airspeeders.

Behind the scenesEdit

Boba's airspeeder model

A model airspeeder

Author Aaron Allston, in three of the four novels he wrote for the X-wing series (X-Wing: Wraith Squadron, X-Wing: Iron Fist, X-Wing: Solo Command and X-Wing: Mercy Kill), would use the word skimmer as a catch-all term for both landspeeders and airspeeders, despite the fact that skimmers were a distinctive class or subclass of repulsorlift vehicle.



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