Ake's Tavern was a cantina located in the northern market district of Capital City of the planet Lothal. The tavern was located at the ground-floor of a three-story plastoid building with wide, dark windows, lit by dim orbs with furniture that had been scavenged from decommissioned Republic cruisers.

When the bounty hunter Bossk was searching for a Dug named Gronson Takkaro, often known as "Shifty," he received a tip-off that Dug could be found at this cantina. He received the help of the native Ezra Bridger, who offered to take him there directly in exchange for 1,000 credits, with 500 up-front.[1]

At some point between Ezra's original visit to the tavern and when he became an active member of the Spectres, the tavern fell into disuse. It was then appropriated by a small-time crime syndicate based on Lothal known as the Gray Syndicate. A filthy alley leading to a metal door at the rear of the kitchen that served as the Syndicate's entrance. While the exterior was unnoticeable, the interior was crowded with network terminals from which criminal business was conducted, as well places for playing sabacc. Up a narrow stairway, the Sydnicate's boss, Yahenna Laxo, ruled from behind a stolen Imperial officer's desk, with a sleek black network terminal.[3][2]


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