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The Akkad was a terrorist faction of a species that had Dac as their homeworld. The name was derivated from a word in the Mon Calamari language meaning Deep Dweller.


The Akkad was a secret sect, residing in the planet of Dac, that did not want to be involved with either the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. This was because it saw both factions being manipulative and destructive forces that were harmful to their traditional way of life. They were known to conduct acts to gain a notorious reputation for their sect and sought to further alienate other races from the Mon Calamari in order to achieve their goals of isolation.

Behind the scenesEdit

This faction was set to appear in the Star Wars Adventure Journal Issue 16 as part of the Corellian Translines article where they were to feature as antagonists for players to face. However, the issue was never published and the Akkad had not featured in any other material.