Akshaya Ponta was a human female cargo pilot that lived on the planet Skuhl. She was the mother of two children, Tanith and Hadder Ponta. When Jyn Erso was looking for transportation, Akshaya took her to Skuhl for the price of fixing her broken droid.


For many years, Akshaya lived on Skuhl with her husband, her daughter Tanith, and her son Hadder. She worked as a freelance cargo pilot, often carrying ore for mining operations.[1]

When Akshaya's husband died, she started letting Tanith pilot the family's shuttle. Tanith's flying later resulted in the terminal illness Bloodburn. To keep her disease in check, Tanith took Hadeira serum, and became addicted to the substance. Tanith died of an overdose in 15 BBY. After Tanith's death, Akshaya became paranoid of Hadder contracting the disease. She began forbidding her son from flying, and developed the idea that no young person should, either.[1]

Taking in Jyn ErsoEdit

While Akshaya was on a cargo run, she encountered the sixteeen-year old Jyn Erso. Unknown to Akshaya, the girl had recently been abandoned on Tamsye Prime by Saw Gerrera. Jyn was desperate for a ride offworld, and lied that she could fix Ponta's broken droid. She proved completely unable to repair the astromech, but payed for her passage by forging clearance codes. Akshaya pitied Jyn, and allowed her to stay at her home on Skuhl.[1]

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Personality and traitsEdit

Akshaya Ponta was a firm pacifist, disapproving of all weaponry. When Jyn first entered her ship with a blaster in her pack, Akshaya insisted on confiscating it, saying she was "a peaceful operation". She was also known to be very forgiving and motherly, ignoring Jyn's checkered history and sympathizing with her.[1]

Akshaya was known for her hobby of painting mandalas on floors, ceilings, and any spare surface. She stopped this practice for a period of time after her daughter died, but eventually started again, saying it was calming.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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