"No one's seen it, but it's there. You can feel its heartbeat in the walls."

Akure, also known as the Ghost in the Darkness[1] or the Beast of Darkness,[3] was a Sithspawn created by the Sith Emperor of the reconstituted Empire in the centuries before the Great Galactic War with the Galactic Republic.[1] A hulking rancor-like creature with four tusks and grey-black skin riddled with cracks through which a substance like magma was visible,[2] Akure was released by the Emperor into the caverns beneath the surface of Dromund Kaas, and Akure survived for decades by feeding off both the dark side of the Force and those foolish enough to enter its domain.[1] By the year 3642 BBY, Akure was easily three times the height of a normal Human and could jump great distances easily. However, the most recent Grand Champion of the Great Hunt was sent to kill Akure as part of an initiation into the Mandalorian warrior culture, and the bounty hunter fought and killed the Sithspawn in the Lair of the Ghost beneath the surface of Dromund Kaas.[2]



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