The Al'Har system was a Mid Rim system that contained the planet of Haruun Kal (Al'Har I), beyond which was an asteroid field. The primary of the system was Al'Har. It was located on the Gevarno Loop. It was of considerable strategic importance during the Clone Wars because whoever controlled the Al'Har system controlled the entire Gevarno loop. Additionally, it connected many hyperspace routes, so if a ship traveling to any of the worlds near it, that ship could cut days from its trip by passing though Al'Har.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Shatterpoint and its entries in the Databank and the Wizards of the Coast site, Haruun Kal is the only world in the system. However, according to Equipment, there are at least two gas giants beyond the asteroid field.

As both works of literature were by the same author, it is possible that Shatterpoint merely meant that Haruun Kal was the sole inhabited world of the system, but that the Databank and WOTC authors took the phrasing literally.



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