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Al'Ori'Ramikade was a title in the Mandalorian culture, which meant "Commander of Supercommandos" when translated to Basic from the Mando'a language.[1] The title was a secondary one, attributed to the Mand'alor,[2] the traditional leader of all the Mandalorian warrior clans,[3] in reference to the Mandalorian leader's ability to command the Mandalorians' supercommando forces[1] in accordance with the tenets of the Resol'nare, the six central principles of the Mandalorian culture.[4]

Jaster Mereel, a Mandalorian soldier from Concord Dawn who served as Mand'alor prior to and during the Mandalorian Civil War,[5] was known to use the title of Al'Ori'Ramikade, and did so during an encounter with the regent of Mek va Uil.[3] Decades later, after Boba Fett succeeded Fenn Shysa as Mand'alor,[5] Fett made use of the Commander of Supercommandos title.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

The title of Commander of Supercommandos first appeared in Star Wars canon in the Legacy of the Force novel Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines, written by Karen Traviss and published August 29, 2006. Traviss created the title, attributing it as a secondary title to the reigning Mandalore.[6] The title appeared again in her subsequent entries into the multi-author series, Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice[4] and Legacy of the Force: Revelation, the latter of which debuted the Mando'a incarnation of the title, Al'Ori'Ramikade.[1] Traviss also featured the title in two of her Republic Commando novels, Order 66[3] and Imperial Commando: 501st.[2]


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