Alabash was a planet on the edge of the Fakir sector. Located in the Alabash system, it was a volcanic planet.


Alabash was a young volcanic planet covered in lava rivers and with large deposits of alantium. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Alliance to Restore the Republic spies embedded in the Imperial Resource Procurement Bureau discovered that that the Empire was processing six hundred metric tons of alantium per month from the planet. Alantium was an important component in the construction of starship hulls, but the volatile nature of Alabash made mining expensive. The Empire countered by deploying an automated mobile mining complex, staffed by droids and commanded by a Terreene Brainiac class artificial intelligence known as Control. Green squad, a unit under the Alliance's Reekeene's Roughnecks command, was tasked with infiltrating and destroying the base.[2]




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