"An intelligent and peaceful man, he has always been, and hard to believe, it is, that he would endanger the Sephi without cause."

Alaric was a male Sephi and the king of Thustra during the Clone Wars. He was a friend of Jedi Grand Master Yoda for some 200 years, despite their friendship being somewhat strained by the demanding nature of their positions.


The death of King Alaric


King Alaric grew disgusted by his nephew's behavior in the Senate and the corruption in the Galactic Republic. He thus contacted Count Dooku and offered to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Alaric was not disloyal to the Republic and intended to rejoin when the corruption was gone.

Yoda arrived on the planet with troops and, together with Jedi Padawan Cal, tried to persuade Alaric to leave the CIS. The King placed them under house arrest, believing that the Republic would try to take the world back by force. Eventually, King Alaric was forced into a confrontation with Yoda during the Battle of Thustra by the machinations of his nephew. The monarch forced Yoda to kill him with a blaster in order to incite the Sephi to fight against the Republic.