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The Alder-Espirions were a hybrid species, a mix between the red-skinned Espirions and members of the human race native to the planet Alderaan. They came to exist long before the Battle of Yavin, when a group of Alderaanians emigrated to the planet Espirion and interbred with the indigenous population. When the Galactic Empire destroyed Alderaan, the last member of its royal family, Princess Leia Organa, wanted to reunite the Alder-Espirions with the other surviving Alderaanians. To that end, Organa appointed Uwa Pareece of the Melodic Order and Jora Astane of the Alderaan Enclave on Sullust to negotiate with the half-Alderaanians. However, Astane was not keen on working with individuals who, according to her, embodied the dilution of her already dying identity.[1]


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