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"Ma'am, it's wonderful. Many thousands of Alderaanian survivors got word of your mission to unite us all. They've joined us, ma'am!"
―A crewmember of the Lord Juun reports the fleets formation to Organa[src]

The Alderaan Flotilla was a collection of starships which carried the surviving Alderaanian population of the planet Alderaan following the world's destruction by the Galactic Empire. The flotilla was first formed by the Princess of Alderaan, Leia Organa who following the loss of her homeworld and the Battle of Yavin, began seeking out other Alderaanian survivors and rescuing them from persecution by the Empire. Hearing of her mission, many other Alderaanians made their way to join her above the planet Espirion, where the combined Alderaanian forces destroyed an Imperial Star Destroyer that had been pursuing them. Organa then left the fleet in the hands of her friend Evaan Verlaine and returned to her duties in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[3] Following the Battle of Endor, the flotilla consisted of seven ships and was positioned in the remains of Alderaan in the Alderaan system. Ruled in Organa's absence by Regent Administrator Eglyn Valmor, the flotilla was gifted the remains of the first Death Star so that they could build a space station in the Alderaan system to house them.[4]


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