The Star Fortress over Alderaan was one of many dozens, if not hundreds of Star Fortresses deployed by Emperor Arcann of the Eternal Empire to watch for possible uprisings on worlds subjugated during the Eternal Empire conquest. It was commanded by Exarch Zar Draya and protected by multiple Skytroopers and Knights of Zakuul. The presence of the Star Fortresses continued to stir the Alderaan Civil War between the noble houses, while recordings of the most brutal fightings were broadcast on Zakuul as entertainment. In 3632 BBY an Ithorian Jedi Choza Raabat teamed up with the Commander of the Anti-Zakuul Alliance to take down the Star Fortress. Together they assembled a strike team that assaulted and destroyed the Alderaan shield bunker protecting the Star Fortress before regrouping on the Alliance base on Odessen. From there, Theron Shan and Miot Dengd assisted the Commander in infiltrating the Star Fortress. After fighting their way through multiple levels of the station, the Commander was able to reach the Sun Generator room and engage the Exarch directly. During the fierce fighting, safety features of the Sun Generator were disabled and Exarch Zar Draya was killed. The Commander barely managed to escape on the shuttle before the Sun Generator overloaded, vaporizing the entire Star Fortress and all of its remaining personnel.[1]

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The Alderaan Star Fortress appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire as one of six Star Fotresses that can be assaulted and destroyed.


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