The Alderaan furry moth, also known as the woolly moth, was a large-winged flying insect native to the planet Alderaan that nested amid bushy flowers. The larvae of the Alderaan furry moth were armored caterpillars more than a meter long that burrowed under the ground and fed on swollen tubers. The caterpillars lived for a dozen years before sealing themselves in cocoons and emerging transformed. In some cases, Alderaan furry moths grew to be over seven meters long.

During their childhood, Princess Leia Organa and Winter once hid a woolly moth inside Alderaan's Minister of Agriculture's desk drawer as a prank. The woolly moth chewed through a sheet of flimsiplast that contained Alderaan's next year budget. As punishment, Bail Organa refused to let Leia and Winter attend a party the House of Organa was hosting.

They became extinct when Alderaan was destroyed in 0 BBY.



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