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Alderaanian consular security was the security force present on Alderaan and on its consular vessels, responsible for guarding and escorting senators and other dignitaries. When the Viceroy Bail Organa became a leading member in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, these forces also played a part in fighting the Galactic Empire.[1][4]

Uniforms and equipmentEdit

The troopers of consular security wore pale blue shirts, grey trousers, and black calf length boots. Over the shirts was worn a multi-pocketed black spacer vest of Corellian cut. The distinctive white service helmet featured a flash visor as well as, in many cases, an integrated comlink. They were known to utilize DH-17 blaster pistols. Officers in consular security wore a similar uniform, but instead sported a light brown jacket, shirt and pants along with a brown belt. [1][4]

Many aspects and variants of these uniforms would see service with Rebel troopers, especially on Yavin 4's Base One Massassi Group in 0 BBY.[4]



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