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This article is about the Lord of House Barnaba. You may be looking for other people named Alec.

Alec Lamere was a Lord of House Barnaba.


Lamere was one of the Tapani sector's best known saber rakes during the Imperial era. Although he was not described as an attractive man he was very popular among young noble ladies who were attracted to dangerous men. Alec was a deadly duelist, whose apparent clumsiness would disappear when he ignited his lightfoil. Even before Alec had reached eighteen years of age very few had fought him and walked away unharmed. He did, however, have a cybernetic left arm as a result of a duel. His family intended for him to be sent to the Imperial Academy on Raithal when he became eighteen to get him out of the sector due to the trouble his reluctance to stop dueling caused.


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