Alec Mard was a Human male who hailed from the planet Zhanox. He eventually joined the planet Bespin's Wing Guard. At some point during the Galactic Civil War, Mard participated in arresting the rogue Wing Guard[1] Commander[2] Wilber Flagesso, and became one of the most loyal Wing Guard members following the event. Alec Mard had fair skin. During his service in the Bespin Wing Guard, he wore the standard uniform,[1] and also wielded a Relby-k23 blaster pistol.[3]

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Portrayed by Alan Austen, Alec Mard appeared in promotional photos for 1980's Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, though it is unclear if he was visible in the film itself. In 2014, he was first named and given a brief backstory in the Rogues Gallery feature of Star Wars Insider 148.


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