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"Rather impatient creatures, aren't they?"

The Aleena were a species of small, sentient aliens from the planet Aleen Minor.

Biology and appearanceEdit


Manchucho, Aleen king during the Clone Wars

Aleena were short, reptilian bipeds with large eyes and wide mouths full of small, sharp teeth. Aleena's bodies were long compared to their short arms and stubby legs.[2] They possessed exceptional reflexes as well as a fast metabolism which allowed them to convert food into energy very rapidly in order to escape predators on their harsh home planet.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

Aleena were social and tended to thrive best in with close-knit teams if not with their own kind. They developed strong loyalties to friends and protected those they cared about fiercely. Due to their inborn curiosity, the Aleena were stereotypically galactic travelers, tourists in every sense. This, combined with their strong dedication to their relatives, resulted in Aleena families traveling even to most unusual and dangerous locations just to see its sights. The appearance of Aleena family walking through an intergalactic metropolis was a common sight on many planets.

Aleena in the galaxyEdit

Aleena family

A vacationing Aleena family.

The Aleena love of sports and particularly, adventure and thrill sports, drew many into the galactic community. Most who entered professional classes were experts or diplomats. They traveled to feed their love of adventure and new experiences. Many Aleena used their natural high reflexes to become podracers, most notably Ratts Tyerell and Mab Kador. Aleena were also known to become Jedi—an example of Aleena Jedi was Master Tsui Choi, who fought in the Clone Wars. Another Aleena Jedi was Kazdan Paratus, who managed to survive Order 66 and went into hiding on the toxic environmental planet Raxus Prime.


Due to their small stature, Aleena were sometimes used as scouts for different militaries. Several squads of Aleenan scouts loyal to the Galactic Republic performed reconnaissance missions during the Clone Wars. They saw service on Kashyyyk, performing reconnaissance on the CIS forces fighting there. They were given domesticated can-cells for rapid transportation, as individual Aleena were small enough to ride on the animal's back.[3] Jedi Master Tsui Choi flew with the scouts during this campaign.[4]



The Tyerell family.


Notes and referencesEdit

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