Alessi Quon was a male Sluissi scientist who worked for the Experi-Tech department of Imperial Intelligence. He was the creator of IN-GA 44.


In 3 BBY, he was doing a complete evaluation of IN-GA 44 in his workshop after the mission to Wayland with Jahan Cross. When Cross demanded the droid for another mission, Quon initially refused, stating he needed another week or two to finish the evaluation. Cross pressed for an immediate use of the droid, and Quon complained that Cross never took good care of any of his creations. Cross then reminded the Sluissi that IN-GA 44 was Imperial property and that it was highly unusual for an alien to be in such an important job. Quon reluctantly released IN-GA 44 into Cross's custody.

Quon also designed a suit of Mandalorian armor that would protect against blaster fire but dissolved in water. Cross wore this armor during the assassination of Adan Dooku on Alderaan in 3 BBY.[1] Later, while working on creating a new HRD known as IL-SA, Quon was interrupted by Cross who was requesting full schematics on the prison known as The Spike. [2]


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