Alfreda Goot was a female Togorian Mandalorian washout from Fenn Shysa and Tobbi Dala's covert elite police training program on Mandalore before then becoming a mercenary during reign of the Galactic Empire.


Alfreda Goot

Alfreda Goot attacking Han Solo.

Goot managed to acquire a complete set of supercommando armor from her time with the Mandalorian Protectors before being kicked out from them, installing new upgrades on it such as climbing claws. She eventually become a mediocre mercenary briefly in the employ of a minor crime lord, Slag Flats.

After working several jobs for Flats, Goot tried to establish a reputation by attempting to collect on the lucrative bounty for Han Solo. She captured Han's lover Leia Organa and Goot successfully baited Solo into the Dockside Cafe in Mos Eisley, forcing him to race there as the winner would get Leia. But Solo's legendary luck proved to be more than Goot's rudimentary skills could handle as he shown up with Imperial squadron lead by Imperial Captain Sodarra, forcing her into action.

Alfreda fought both Han and Sodarra, attempting kill them both. But Han was able shot her in chest, killing her.

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