"What matters is the future of the Imperial Navy. You're that future, Thrawn. It's been a privilege to be your commander."
"Thank you, sir. I have learned a great deal serving under you."
"I doubt that. But I thank you. And I, too, have learned a great deal from you."
―Alfren Cheno and Thrawn[src]

Alfren Cheno was a human male commander in the Imperial Navy in the years before the Galactic Civil War. He commanded the Thunder Wasp during the battle over Umbara with his first officer Captain Thrawn. With Thrawn's help, Cheno and the crew of the Thunder Wasp was able to turn the tide of the battle despite the direction of Admiral Carlou Gendling. He was forced to retire afterwards due to Gendling's insecurity about the battle.[1]

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