Alia Terae was a Human female pirate who lived during the Galactic Civil War. Terae was the engineer and weapons officer aboard the Aegis, an Alderaanian gunship that managed to escape the blast that destroyed Alderaan. Terae firmly believed that it was the royal family's association with the Rebel Alliance that led to the planet's destruction. She and the rest of the Aegis crew turned to piracy to fight the Galactic Empire on their own terms rather than join the Rebel Alliance. In 2 ABY, the Aegis ran into the Alderaanian princess Leia Organa, who tried to convince the crew of the Aegis to give up piracy. Following the death of the Aegis's captain, Caline Metara, Terae and the Aegis's second-in-command decide to join the Rebel Alliance.

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