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Alimet was an Imperial Flight Officer befriended by Maarek Stele.


Alimet was a member of a close-knit group of friends along with fellow pilots Carith, known as "Grommet" to his friends, and Ketcher. The three usually served on tours of duty together. During a tour of duty aboard the Nebulon-B Frigate Fogger, the group met a new recruit named Maarek Stele, who would later go on to become a legendary pilot and one of the Empire's most infamous figures. Alimet took an instant liking to Maarek and the four pilots would often spend their off-duty hours together. The four would later be reunited during a tour of duty under Vice Admiral Thrawn in the Pakuuni system aboard the Nebulon-B2 frigate Ludwick. Some time between the tour of duty aboard the Fogger and the tour of duty aboard the Ludwick, Alimet lost a ship during combat, but was able to eject in time and escape serious harm.

Alimet's third and final meeting with Stele would be on a notably more sober note. During the development of the TIE Defender prototype, Alimet and Stele were reunited during a tour of duty under Grand Admiral Zaarin. There, Alimet revealed that Ketcher had passed away and Grommet had defected to the Alliance.

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