Alinta was a Human female who served as a member of the Friends of the Republic, an organization dedicated to covertly help the Galactic Republic during the start of the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


For many years, Alinta and her allies communicated with Senator Bail Organa anonymously via a secret comlink by sending coded messages. During the Clone Wars, Alinta contacted Organa with crucial information regarding the Sith. The woman claimed that a planet called Zigoola posed a possible threat to the safety of the Republic. Organa, not knowing what to do with the information, called upon his fellow Senator and friend Padmé Amidala, who was good friends with the Jedi. Padmé convinced Master Obi-Wan Kenobi to listen to Organa's story. Reluctantly trusting Organa and his source, Kenobi and Organa set off to Zigoola. Alinta sent coordinates one at a time to Organa, as a precaution. When they group arrived at the last pair of coordinates, they found themselves at a space station. at first, it seemed as if the station were abandoned, but they soon found that a battle was in progress between Alinta's allies and the Karlarba Pirates.

The pirates and their battle droids had already eliminated most of Alinta's allies, leaving her the last remaining of her group. Kenobi and Organa entered the fight and managed to defeat the remaining pirates and their droids, although Alinta was mortally wounded during the fray. She was too badly hurt to be saved by Kenobi's limited healing abilities, but the woman managed to give some information to them before she died. Alinta had one request of them before they left: blow up the station so no one would be able to retrieve any information. Organa and Kenobi received a data crystal with Zigoola's coordinates and scuttled the station to preserve the group's secrets.

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