This article is about the Gran. You may be looking for the Human by the same name.
"If you ask me, Inaldra is losing control of this station. Every day it seems like we get more and more hurt workers coming in."
―Alisia, on Inaldra[src]

Alisia was a female Gran who worked as a station nurse in the Med Center of Tansarii Point Station, where she and the 2-1B surgical droid Billingsly helped doctor Aja Sen treat injured and sick beings in 1 ABY.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Alisia was a non-player character in the 2003 video game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, a massively multiplayer online-role playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts, prior to its closure on December 15, 2011. She could be found on Tansarii Point Station, a tutorial station added to the game during the "New Game Enhancements" of 2005. Though no clear mention of Alisia's gender was made in the game, using an in-game text command revealed her to be a male. However, this was likely a limitation in game mechanics which prevented certain species from being designated as female. It would appear as though the developer's intention was for Alisia to be considered a female, given the effeminate name, and Alisia's profession as a nurse, which is widely considered to be a female dominated profession. Though this article assumes Alisia to be a female Gran, the possibility of Alisia being a male nurse with a merely effeminate name cannot be ruled out.