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The All Terrain Scout Transport/Assault (AT-ST/A) was a variant of the AT-ST walker.


It was approximately 10 meters tall, and was more heavily armed than its shorter cousin, sporting a large, single-barreled heavy blaster cannon instead of the double medium blaster cannons.

The AT-ST/A's legs had greater reinforcement, and its gyro-stabilizing systems were improved from the original design. It was also fitted with enclosed viewports for added protection of the crew.



Sketch of an unnamed AT-ST variant from The Star Wars Sourcebook, similar to the AT-ST/A.

Rebel spies first spotted the vehicle early in the Galactic Civil War, but variants of the AT-ST/A design would continue to be deployed throughout the conflict, even participating in the devastating Imperial in-fighting on Coruscant in 10 ABY.

Behind the scenesEdit

The AT-ST/As originated in concept art for the ground-battle on Endor, where it was to have taken the role of the AT-ST (which would be modified from its The Empire Strikes Back-appearance).

Ultimately, a slightly different look was chosen and the Expanded Universe recycled the designs into a bigger, stronger AT-ST variant, more suited for an assault-role.


Notes and referencesEdit

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