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This article is about the Star Destroyer. You may be looking for other uses.

The Allegiance was a New Republic Imperial I-class Star Destroyer of the New Republic Defense Force.


During the hunt for Warlord Zsinj, she was part of General Han Solo's fleet as a part of Group 2. She carried three squadrons of TIE Fighters, a B-wing squad, a Y-wing group and the X-wing group known as Gauntlet Squadron.

In 13 ABY, the Allegiance escorted Wedge Antilles and a small group of pilots to Adumar to negotiate that planet's entry into the New Republic. Its captain at the time was Geng Salaban, who had previously captained the Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser Battle Dog during the hunt of Zsinj. She now carried the X-wing group High Flight Squadron as well as several squads of TIE Fighters retrofitted with shields, Y-wings, B-wings and A-wings. There she participated in the Battle of Adumar, aiding in the defense of the planet.



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