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"The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped. They're more dangerous than you realize."
General Cassio Tagge[src]

The Alliance Fleet,[22] also known as the Rebel fleet,[5] the Rebel Alliance Navy,[23] the Rebel Navy,[24] or simply the Rebel Alliance Fleet,[6] was the naval branch of the Rebel Alliance's military forces formed from the early rebellion's Fleet prior to the Galactic Civil War.


Battle of ScarifEdit


The Alliance Fleet during the Battle of Scarif

The first major action of the Alliance Fleet, was at Scarif. Here, a fleet led by Admiral Raddus[1] assaulted the Imperial outpost on Scarif, to support the theft of the Death Star plans. Despite being outgunned, as a majority of their ships were transports, the Alliance ships put up a fierce fight. Though they sustained heavy starfighter losses, the rebels managed to destroy two Imperial-class Star Destroyers and the Shield Gate, before being forced to retreat with the arrival of the Death Star and the Devastator. Even though the flagship, the Profundity, was disabled and other ships destroyed, a large part of the fleet managed to escape.

Evacuating YavinEdit

Following the Battle of Yavin, Admiral Gial Ackbar and the Rebel Fleet arrived at Yavin 4 to begin evacuating their base.[25] Afterwards, the Rebel Fleet orbited the remote world of Orto Plutonia while waiting for a suitable base of operations to be established, sending rebel troopers to the planet below for training exercises. The mathematical genius Drusil Bephorin correctly predicted that the Rebel Fleet would be located there and was later rescued from her Imperial captivity by Luke Skywalker.[26] Following the rebel attack on Cymoon 1, Princess Leia and her team rendezvoused with the fleet to meet Ackbar and Mon Mothma. [27]

Battle of HothEdit

During the Battle of Hoth, many transports from the Alliance fleet were used to evacuate personnel and equipment from Echo Base. Although the battle was a loss for the Rebellion, a significant portion of the Rebels managed to flee Hoth.[11] Following the Battle of Hoth, a new rebel base was erected on the remote world of 5251977.[9] Following heavy losses after Hoth, the rebel fleet utilized the scatter protocol, splitting the fleet into small fragments spread out across the galaxy in an effort to deny the Empire a swift propaganda victory like it had on Hoth, as well as overextending the Imperial Navy in its effort to engage the rebellion. Unlike the previous bold encounters following the Battle of Yavin, the Rebel Fleet now waged a war of survival.[13]

Assembling near SullustEdit

After a high-stakes meeting on the Outer Rim world of Zastiga, where numerous members of the Alliance learned of the existence and location of the second Death Star, the gathered over the planet Sullust prior to their attack, knowing that their failure to immediately destroy the Empire's dreaded battle station would spell doom for the entire revolutionary movement.[13] Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian joined the fleet here after rescuing Han Solo from Tatooine, where they were soon joined by Luke Skywalker after he returned from Dagobah.[5]

Battle of EndorEdit

Upon arriving at the Forest moon of Endor, the larger capital ships engaged the Imperial Fleet in the Battle of Endor. At least two Mon Calamari star cruisers were destroyed by the second Death Star's operational superlaser, but the other ships were able to pull into close range of the Imperial fleet to attack. Despite heavy losses, they were able to defeat the forces massed at Endor.[5] After the battle, the New Republic was established by leaders of the Alliance, and the was reorganized into the New Republic Starfleet.[4]

Command and ControlEdit

Home One briefing room

The prepares for the assault on the Death Star II

The fleet and its activities were overseen by Alliance High Command, who managed the logistical and strategic matters of the Rebellion's efforts against the dominant Galactic Empire, with Gial Ackbar serving as admiral of the Fleet. As an all volunteer military, recruits could come and go as they pleased without reporting it to their superiors. Such practice, however, was frowned upon, while members would often stay with the fleet owing to a sense of camaraderie and impracticality of returning to their home systems, which were often under Imperial control.[9] With the Fleet constantly moving, it could take weeks for a separated pilot to rejoin their squadron, owing in part to the scatter protocol for rebel pilots, which established a practice of randomly choosing a path to various worlds throughout hyperspace in order to lose any possible Imperial pursuit.[28]


Capital ship classesEdit











Notes and referencesEdit

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