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An example of the Alliance Fleet trooper uniform on Yavin 4.

The Alliance Fleet trooper uniform is a uniform worn by Alliance Fleet troopers during their service in the Rebel Alliance's fleet. This uniform was also worn by Rebel Marines and Rebel vanguards as a standard service uniform.[1]

Other variants of the uniform were worn by Alliance Fleet officers and Alliance Army troops.


The uniform comprised a pale blue tunic and grey-brown trousers. Over the tunic was worn a black vest with webbing for holding weapons, powerpacks and equipment. The vest also provided minimal protection against light blaster fire, but was ineffective against the heavy blaster rifles of the Imperial stormtroopers that boarded the Tantive IV in 0 BBY.[1]

Other parts of the uniform was the helmet, which was made out of plasteroid material. The helmet was generally colored white and featured a forward face visor. In some cases, the uniform was also worn with a soft garrison cap.


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