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A pair of Alliance Guerrillas

A subdivision of the Rebel SpecForces, the Alliance Guerrillas, also known as Urban Combat Specialists or SpecForce Guerrillas, would spread insurrection and revolt on many an Imperial world.

They were trained to fight in the sprawling urban environments and planet-wide cities and were proficient in using the forms and facilties of a city against their enemies. They were street-fighters and close-combat specialists. They knew that their battlefields often contained innocent civilians, so they tried to minimize collateral damage, but they could demolish an entire Imperial facility if needed. They were especially trained in martial arts, light arms, demolition and stealthy scouting and reconnaissance. [1]

Not only would they incite uprisings on Imperial worlds, they were also trained to subdue uprisings and insurrections on Alliance worlds. They were also tasked with securing cities and buildings using stealth and other covert tactics to gain control of locations.

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