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Medal ceremony Yavin 4

Several kinds of Alliance military uniforms.

Alliance military uniforms referred to the official dress of Alliance Military members during the Galactic Civil War. The first used was the type see worn by troopers onboard the Tantive IV. Rebel Troopers wore blue shirts, light gray trousers, a black combat vest, and brown or black calf length boots. Troopers wore white blast helmets that featured a visor, possibly removable, and an extended neck guard. After the first few months of the war, the Alliance shifted to a more utilitarian design with camouflage in mind. A prototype of this had already been worn at Polis Massa. The basic design of this new uniform was a green khaki color, incorporated a short sleeved shirt, and the helmet replaced the heavier blast shield. The old variant however was continued to be used by Rebel vanguards, as well as the Navy troopers and Rebel Marines. The uniform color changed depending on the environment, for instance on Hoth the color was white to blend in with the snow. Some troopers serving on Tatooine used tan uniforms. Officers wore the same basic uniform except with the addition of a jacket instead of the vest and two thick black lines down the trouser legs. The color was also different with a khaki coloring and brown boots.

A large amount of the uniforms used by the Rebels were in fact the uniforms previously used by the Planetary Security Forces across the Core, Colonies, and Inner Rim, including Alderaan's defensive forces. The Rebels had ironically gained the uniforms as a result of the Empire taking over the Planetary Security Forces, something that Imperial Propaganda rarely saw fit to mention.[1]



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