The Alpha-52 starfighter was a starfighter model that was manufactured by Incom Corporation.


The Alpha-52 was a prototype that was not developed for the open market. The only known example, the Shrike, was kept by Talon Karrde. He loaned it to Mara Jade during Operation Shadow Hand.

The Alpha-52 Starfighter, while never openly produced, was noted for its unique design. Very few starfighters had the "Kickstand" Engines. This made starfighters such as the Shrike stand out among others. This was also the most likely reason it was never widely produced. It had a generally wide chassis, and when landed, was extremely tall. A fighter that was taller than most freighters when landed would have trouble coming out of most hangar bays, and therefore made this model undesirable for most pilots.

Katrassii spaceport was one of the few examples of how large the hangar had to be in order to land such a ship. The takeoff of the engines could also cause a good amount of collateral damage during fast getaways with high powered take-offs; it would take some time to repair the floor of the hangar after such a blastoff.

In later years however, during the brief prosperity of some in the reign of the New Republic, some corporations were looking into releasing limited numbers of the prototype fighter for wealthy collectors and rare-starships aficionados.




The Shrike, seen from below.