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Alpha-Omega Prison

The layout of the Alpha-Omega Prison.

The Alpha-Omega Prison was a top-security Imperial prison on the Alpha-Omega asteroid in Dandrian's Ring, orbiting the planet Dandrian. It was designed simply to hold important prisoners until they could be transported to a better facility. The base was controlled by a Captain-Supervisor and two Lieutenants, and had a garrison of twenty stormtroopers as well as both a medical and technician droid. There were two entrances to the prison, the primary method being through the docking bay and the second through a garbage chute on the underside of the asteroid. The garbage chute had an exterior hatch on it which could in fact be opened through brute force as well as computer slicing which led to a room via an emergency access tunnel in the floor. As with the previous one, the hatch in the floor here could be opened with brute force. This tunnel led to the engine room of the base which powered all the offensive and defensive equipment for the entire base. This room in turn led to the life support systems which controlled the temperature and oxygen levels throughout the prison, as well as the waste-disposal units and the artificial gravity generator.

Close to these rooms is the tractor beam control room which contained consoles linked to the tractor beam systems, which were used in a different way to most tractor beams. Though used in the traditional method to guide ships into the docking bay, they were also used to push asteroids in Dandrian's Ring to the "side" to create a safe corridor for approaching ships. Two stormtroopers were always on duty here who manned the tractor beam as well as providing security. The docking bay was just down the hall from this room and was the primary entrance and exit for the base. Overseeing this bay was the flight control room, where a Lieutenant was always on duty monitoring the radar for approaching ships.

Other rooms in the facility included a lounge where the stormtroopers enjoyed playing Vrax or watching vidscreen programs in their off-time, a galley which had an autochef that supplied food twice a day, a medical suite equipped with a single medical droid which was programmed to aid anyone who entered the room as well as a rejuvenation tank filled with bacta at the back of the room and a medpac which was fixed to the wall. Only three people could be treated in this room at any one time. There was also a small machine shop filled with repair machines used to repair anything from droids to spaceships. This room was also where the technician droid was stored. There was also a small storage room which contained all of the equipment for the base, including explosives, but not weaponry.

The entrance to the crew quarters was through a barren hall which led off to the Captain-Supervisors room which was locked at all times, the trooper's room which always contained one to six stormtroopers at any time on their retractable cots, and a meeting room which led through to the Lieutenants room and was used for meetings between the Captain-Supervisor and his Lieutenants, as well as any important guests. The prison itself was split into five cells, lettered as A-E, which were all the same and furnished only with a retractable cot. Three stormtroopers were always on duty in the prison and stood behind a circular console which gave them some cover from the door in case of anyone breaking in. The cell doors were all controlled from this console.

During the Galactic Civil War, the prison was used as a layover for defecting Imperial, Admiral Joser. When the group of Rebels who were supposed to meet him on Dandrian discovered that he was being held in the Alpha-Omega Prison, they successfully attempted to rescue him just before Darth Vader could arrive in the Tyderium to take him to another facility.

Behind the scenesEdit

Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet; when together, they symbolize the wholeness.