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Alsakan (Alasak)
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Perlemian Trade Route[2]

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Xenvaer (capital)[5]


Alsakan was an ecumenopolis in the Alsakan system in the Core Worlds, on the Perlemian Trade Route[6].



Fird, Senator of Alsakan

Alsakan was once a Killik colony before 30,000 BBY when they were taken to the Unknown Regions, possibly by the Celestials in 30,000 BBY.[3] At least one Killik from Alsakan became a user of the dark side and was able to escape the world and flee to Sarafur.[4] Alsakan later became a world of the Rakata Empire.[2]

In 26,000 BBY Alsakan was colonized by Humans from Coruscant in the colony ship Kuat Explorer.[7] The planet was divided into many kingdoms until the King of Archais united the planet after the Battle of the Ten Valleys.[4] Alsakan became a Core Founder of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY.[2]

From 17,000 BBY until 3017 BBY,[8] Alsakan tried to usurp Coruscant's predominance seventeen times, causing the Alsakan Conflicts between the planets' holdings in the Expansion Region.[9] The last of these saw the introduction into the Republic fleet of the Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser.[7]

In 1000 BBY, the Alsakan Tessent was carved to commemorate the Battle of the Ten Valleys. Native Dark Jedi Jilst Bindalin stole the Tessent and took it to the tomb of the Killik darksider on Sarafur, whom Bindalin believed to have been a Sith Lord.[4] In 22 BBY, the Mothers United March was held in response to the Baby Ludi affair on Alsakan,[10] as was a Refugee Relief Movement fundraiser.[5] Alsakan remained loyal to the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, and one of the battles between the Republic's Victory Fleet and the Confederacy's Bulwark Fleet took place above this planet.[9]

While a member of the Galactic Empire, Alsakan was one of the first Imperial worlds to quickly surrender to Admiral Gial Ackbar's New Republic fleet.[11] In 23 ABY, the Alsakan Tessent was at last recovered in the Moddell sector.[4]



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