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The Alsakan Conflicts were a series of seventeen wars waged between the planets Coruscant and Alsakan for the right to be the capital of the galaxy.


The Alsakan Conflicts were mainly fought in the Expansion Region over the rights of corporations to sponsor colonization and settlement. The first conflict was in 17,000 BBY and the last was in 3017 BBY.[1].

During the conflicts, numerous locations and items were destroyed. One such artifact was Belgoth's Beacon, a hyperspace beacon and satellite dating from around 25,100 BBY. It was destroyed in the Second Alsakan Conflict. The centerpiece of the Alsakan Mosaics was also destroyed during the Third Alsakan Conflict.[1] The Alsakan battle cruisers developed during the final conflict went on to inspire the Galactic Republic Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser.[source?]

The Conflicts were also notable in that they helped spread the Aurebesh writing system throughout the galaxy.[3]

With the end of the seventeenth and final conflict in 3017 BBY, Coruscant had achieved a Pyrrhic victory as Alsakan had been unable to assert its dominance over the long-standing galactic capital. The true victor was judged to be Corellia, which expanded its galactic influence by remaining neutral in the conflicts.[1]



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