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The Altar of the Dark Side was an altar dedicated to the Dark Side priests on an unknown jungle planet which contained the Dark Side pyramids.


It was located on the top of the largest of these pyramids and was a meter high and constructed of unmortared cut stone. It had six man-sized depressions on its top surface and at the head of each of these depressions wes a small dias large enough to stand on. Narrow steps behind each dias were constructed into the back side of the Altar, presumably for the users to get onto their dias'. It was once used, for over 2,000 years, to sacrifice victims to the Dark Side priests, the beings who had once ruled over the planet, for daily sacrifices with any beings they wanted be they enemy or ally. Because the priests used dark side techniques to kill every being, the stench of the dark side settled into the stone like tar flows into a depression in the soil. Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, a group of Rebels led by a Jedi discovered the Altar after the Jedi sensed the trapped souls from orbit above the planet. The Jedi was contacted by Master Zik'tath from inside the Altar who informed him all about their planets history before asking that the group destroy the Altar and free all the souls trapped within it. Soon after, the group were attacked by Dark Side wraiths which were all that remained of the Dark Side priests but ultimately managed to defeat them by setting explosives on the Altar, destroying it and freeing all the souls.