"We tried to resist Kugg but it's no use… he's too strong!"

Althon was a male Human who served as the Head Councilman of the Citizen's Council of Dodz on the planet Dodz.


Althon tried to lead the council in denying Governor Kugg a raise in taxes. However, Kugg brought his droid to the council meeting to threaten the members. The droid dismantled the council dwelling, and Althon was forced to promise to pay whatever Kugg asked. For the council's insolence, Kugg raised the tax to three times what he had initially ordered.

The young Jost Ellon pleaded with Althon not to pay the money, but Althon knew that they had no choice. Scrounging together the money, Althon brought the payment to Kugg's fortress. However, just as he was about to pay the tax, Ellon yelled out that Kugg would never take their money again. Ellon had a Ranger X-1 droid that prepared to do battle with Kugg's droid. Althon thought Ellon was foolish for fighting against Kugg, but when the Ranger proved successful over Kugg's droid, Althon apologized to the young hero. Althon and the rest of the council members took Kugg prisoner, promising that he would pay for his crime.



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