Altora was a planet of rolling plains and savannas located in the Altora system, and was the homeworld of the predatory altagak.


Altora, a planet in the Altora system of the Outer Rim Territories' Dalonbian sector,[1] was a terrestrial world of plains and warm savannas in its southern regions. The tall grasses of these warm climes hid altagaks, apex predators which hunted a variety of herd animals.[2]


The natives of Altora, including warm-blooded Humanoids, maintained ranches which were attacked by altagaks. Their continued depredations threatened the planet's fragile economy, and led to bounties being placed on altagak hides. The natives came to regard the altagaks as "high speed death on four legs", and remained a fearsome threat on Altora.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The planet Altora was created for the West End Games roleplaying game supplement, Creatures of the Galaxy, published in 1994. Its system was later charted on a map in The Essential Atlas.



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