Alum Minerals

A case of alum minerals

Alum was a metallic mineral ore. It was a double sulfate composed of a trivalent metal, aluminium, and a univalent metal, potassium or sodium, used as either a clarifying agent or a hardening agent. Overexposure to fumes could lead to alum mineral sickness, a common affliction of alum miners such as Haldo. Alum was a common material in the production of Mandalorian armor,[1] though the incredibly resilient properties of beskar iron made it the preferred choice for armor crafting among Mandalorians.[2]

During the Galactic Civil War, members of the Death Watch[1]—a radical and violent Mandalorian splinter group[3] led by Overlord Teti Viba—excavated a vast network of alum mines located beneath their bunker on the forest moon of Endor. Some time around 1.5 ABY, a group of spacers defeated the contingent of Death Watch soldiers at the base, and went on to use the group's alum supply to manufacture Mandalorian armor for themselves.[1]

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Alum first appeared in Star Wars canon in the Star Wars Galaxies expansion, An Empire Divided.


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