Alurali was a female Jedi Knight serving the Jedi Order in the years prior to the Clone Wars. Unlike most Jedi, Alurali was trained at the experimental Almas Academy in the Cularin system.


Born in the late Republic Classic era, Alurali was discovered by the Jedi Order and entered into their experimental academy on the planet Almas as opposed to the main Temple on Coruscant. Passing through her early education, Alurali was selected by a Jedi Master to become a Padawan. Serving and learning from her master, Alurali became good friends with fellow Padawan Lora Nadad. Together, they set a philanthropic group of Jedi who worked to bring to light the harsh reality that plagued the Cularin system: some two thousand homeless orphans roamed the streets on several worlds. This group of children, collectively known as "the Lost," had been overlooked for many years but was given more attention through the Jedi's work. Alurali's master suggested that she take the Trials of Knighthood, which she passed; the Jedi High Council acknowledged her success and allowed the Almas Council to knight her.[1]


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