Alvorine was a temperate world of colorful, deciduous forests and stony, crystalline spires, and was located in the Alvorine system. It orbited three small, blue-white stars.


Alvorine was discovered sometime between the Kymoodon Era and the Rianitus Period.[2]

During the Galactic Civil War, Alvorine was ruled by smugglers and criminals, playing host to the likes of the Krova the Hutt. Responding to the Republic bounty on Krova's head shortly after the Battle of Endor, Langro Dis captured the Hutt, though he cut a deal with her and returned her to Alvorine. It wasn't long before the Hutt attracted the attention of a group of Dark Jedi led by Noth, who was looking for a Sith holocron rumored to be in Krova's possession.[3]

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The planet Alvorine was created for the short story The Hutt Hit, published in the fifth edition of Star Wars Gamer.


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