The Alzarians were a species of green-skinned humanoids was indigenous to the world of Alzar, in the Outer Rim of the galaxy.


During the Galactic War in 3638 BBY Dark Council member Darth Ravage rapidly expanded into Alzarian territoty, believing them to hold no value. Korriban Overseers loyal to Darth Nox believed the Alzarians could be trained as Sith, but were cautious to recruit them so as not to make an enemy of Ravage.[1]

They were ruled over by King Gokus. General Sludd attempted to usurp the throne, tricking the heir Prince Plooz into running away to the rival world of Sooma. Plooz was rescued by C-3PO and R2-D2, but while taking him home, they were shot down by Sludd over the forest moon of Endor. The droids eventually did get Plooz safely home, and Sludd's plans were thwarted.

Ten months after the Battle of Endor, many of them were killed in the Stenax Massacres, when the Stenax used stolen Imperial weapons to invade the planet.


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