The Alzoc III mines were established by the Galactic Empire on the Outer Rim planet Alzoc III to extract the vast virgin ore deposits on the planet. The mines were open pits bored deeply in the red rocky soil, cutting into the planetary crust. They were equipped with mechanical conveyors to carry out the ore. The Talz slave miners that worked there never emerged from the pits, and were worked until they were either injured or died.[1] Deaths were frequent occurrences, since the mines offered no safety precautions or medical care.[2] In order to replace deceased miners, the Imperials periodically pushed young Talz over the edge of the pits—literally. Their thick fur was considered enough to limit the damage sustained from such falls.[1] The extracted ore was sent off to Imperial shipyards. Also discovered by the mines were valuable Alzoc Pearls.[3]

The mines were abandoned by the Imperials when they retreated from the planet, although they were later restarted under supervision of the New Republic.[4]



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