The Ambassador-class shuttle, also known as the Ambassador-class luxury shuttle[2] and Luxury Shuttle 001, was a SoroSuub shuttle model.


Sleek with port and starboard wings, Ambassador-class shuttles were built to spoil those with power, and often included a huge meeting and recreational chamber, fully stocked galley, elegant dining facilities, and roomy deluxe cabins.[1]

Fifty meters long, the ship carried a crew of two (consisting of a pilot and a gunner), ten passengers, and 100 metric tons of cargo.[1] For defense, it mounted two forward fire-linked double laser cannons. It sported a reasonably fast hyperdrive and was capable enough to outrun a Star Destroyer and outmaneuver TIE fighters with tight barrel rolls, sharp dives, and other evasive maneuvers.[1]


Under the Galactic Empire, countless Ambassador-class shuttles were made at the SoroSuub Sarrano Yards, a small ground-based shipbuilding facility; after the Battle of Yavin, the yards went on to produce Cutlass-9 patrol fighters and other starfighters for the Rebellion.[2]