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"Friends—the Ambassador would have you know that you needn't live in fear. You needn't bow to men who are your inferiors. In the Empire, you can live a life of purpose and accomplishment, where only those most fit to rule guide our society. A life of greatness!"
―A speech from the Ambassador[src]

The Ambassador was a male Human who acted as an Imperial propagandist during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. His propaganda spread doubt and decreased morale among the Galactic Republic. M1-4X tracked him down to a suite in the Star Cluster Casino and, after confirming the lack of external security cameras on the level, carefully neutralized all fifteen of the Ambassador's guards, and apprehended him. As they fell into an Ugnaught salvage ship from 130 meters, the Ambassador suffered only a couple of lacerations and abrasions, fifteen fractures, and a ruptured spleen; he was soon given medical attention. Following his arrest, he was taken into Strategic Information Service custody.


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