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Amber was the name of a bodyguard attached to the royal family of Aquilae when the Galactic Empire threatened to annex its system. Amber had one arm, and was a landspeeder driver. He drove Leia and her handmaidens to Yuell so she could enroll in the Chatos Academy. He presumably remained with Mina when she remained at the Academy and impersonated Leia to throw off the Empire. The real Leia and Alana left with Annikin Starkiller for the Underground Fortress. Amber was later the namesake of Amber, a pet thumper found and adopted by Biggs and Windy, his former charges, on the planet Yavin.

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • Amber is perhaps the basis of Panaka in Episode I as one of the senior bodyguards to the royal family.


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